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Monks facing jail for making and selling caskets? | August 14, 2010

This is just wrong. Fuck you, Louisiana, and your corrupt politicians (I know, I know, corrupt politicians in Louisiana of all places… who’dathunkit?) Fuck your stupid casket cartel? (Casket cartel? Are you fucking kidding me? I wish I had kept the phone numbers of the mafia guys I knew, they’d show you what a real cartel does…. bunch of fuckass pieces of shit.)

Yes, I’m pissed. This is just bullshit. You all know I have no particular love for any system/organisation that puts itself in a position to lord over people’s lives (or afterlives), so it should be no surprise that I’m not the biggest fan of the Catholic Church. (I’m not a rabid anit-Catholic everything, but I’m far from their biggest supporter.) But, monks? Monks are pretty damn cool. I can respect what they do, separating themselves from society (to a degree; yes, it’s essential that they remain part of society, and that’s a good thing) and devoting their lives to a simple existence of prayer, work, study and the like.

Anyhow, monks are cool and don’t need to be fucked with, as a rule of thumb. Let them be. Casket sales don’t need to be regulated (especially in a state that apparently lets you legally bury a human corpse with no more than a sheet wrapped around it.) Caskets aren’t dangerous. Caskets aren’t potential weapons or highly addictive or whatever. They’re wooden boxes, for fuck’s sake.


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