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June 2010 movies (and some telly) | July 5, 2010

Here’s the monthly list of the movies/miniseries that I watched during the month of June 2010. Each is accompanied by a numerical rating, the date viewed, and then a line or three review – non-spoilery.

71) How to start your own country – 6/10 (5.29-6.1) – Cute BBC miniseries about a guy looking to start his own micronation; I’m very interested in social matters and organisations and the like, so this was fascinating to me. To most people, it should still be entertaining, as Danny Wallace is an extremely charming and witty fellow.

72) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – 7/10 (6.6) – I enjoyed this far more than I remotely expected to. I’m a huge mythology buff (though my favourite is Norse), so I was expecting to dislike. That was not the case. Well acted, good plot, fun dialogue, and Kevin McKidd. What’s not to like?

73) Gabriel – 10/10 (6.6) – Okay, I have to fess up; this movie was made for me. No, not really, but I’m a sucker for gothic, gloomy movies that deal with rival factions of angels fighting one another. This movie is not a perfect movie (no such thing, I don’t beleive), but it is a great movie if you enjoy that sort of thing. It was sexy and dark and twisted and pretty. I fully anticipate the next one, which I understand is in pre-pre-production right now.

74) The Hurt Locker – 7/10 (6.8) – Good, solid movie. I’m not sure I think it lived up to the hype, what with it winning all the Oscars, but then I’m kinda jaded on the Oscars anyhow. But, very well done. (And modern military drama is not something I get excited over. I put off watching this movie for a long time because of that.)

75) Fifty Dead Men Walking – 10/10 (6.9) – Wow, what a powerful story. The true story of an IRA member who worked for the British. Just amazing, tragic, powerful stuff. I cannot recommend highly enough.

76) Kings season 1 – 8/10 (multiple days) – I cannot believe this didn’t get renewed. I know the ratings didn’t deliver, and I understand a heavy burden for that lies with poor promotion on NBC’s behalf. This was just very interesting, exciting and dramatic. Plus, Ian McShane.

77) Dr. Strangelove – 7/10 (6.13) A classic. Understated, subdued in its humour, but a classic. In my opinion, Sellers’ 2nd best movie (Being There being my choice for his best.)

78) Dune (fanedit) – 5/10 (6.13) A mix of the theatrical release with the extended release. I didn’t realise how much people whisper, mumbled, muttered in this movie. It really got on my nerves. (Except for the good Baron, he shouted. But that’s okay, he’s a crazy fuck.) I would have rated this much higher when I was younger – it was one of my fave movies as a teen.

79) Whitechapel – 6/10 (6.13-6.14) – Slightly higher than mediocre, this miniseries is more about the cops investigating the Jack-The-Ripper copy cat murders than it is the murders. Some very good actors do a fine job, but the story just isn’t that compelling. I enjoyed it, but I’ll never watch it again.

80) Birdman of Alcatraz – 8/10 (6.16) – Highly fictionalised, but highly enjoyable and touching story of a man in prison who cared more for birds than he did his fellow humans. Not that I entirely blame him, much of the time.

81) Hot Tub Time Machine – 8/10 (6.17) – A very fun, silly movie. Yes, it feels like an 80s romantic comedy. That’s intentional, folks, figure it out.

82) Chloe – 4/10 (6.20) – Wow, that was just not very good at all. Apparently, Liam Neeson owed someone a favour. Great cast, poor scripting/story.

83) Defiance – 10/10 (6.20) – A very emotional and powerful tale about some Jewish fugitives during WW2. Based on a true story. Liev Schreiber, Daniel Craig, Mia Wasikowska and others just did a phenomenal job.

84) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – 9/10 (6.27) – Wow. Wow, this was just so cool and fun and exciting… the mystery was a little obvious before it was meant to be, I felt, but still – the characters, the situations, the intensity of this film. (Not for everyone – some stark graphic sexuality and violence, plus it’s Swedish and has subtitles. But if none of that’s a deterrent for you, this is an amazing film.)

85) Autumn – 3/10 (date unknown) – I wanted to like this movie so much. I really did. And I’m open to… weak movies. There’s a lot of independent and SUPER indie films that I enjoy, despite their many flaws. Yet, this movie? It was a chore to watch to the finish.

86) Zombies of Mass Destruction – 3/10 (6.28) – This was a bad movie, and not so much in an entertaining way. First off, if you’re trying to be scary, stay away from pink blood. Just sayin’. Also, the ham-fisted attempt at social commentary? It didn’t work for me. Zombie movies are about people, about inter-personal relationships, about how they handle the situations. When the characters are all extremely 2D farces, you lose a lot of that. (Now, don’t get me wrong, there were some great lines in here, mostly to do with the two gay guys… but one-liners alone a good movie does not make.) As this is part of this year’s AfterDark Horrorfest, I will be reviewing this again in more detail for Glenn Walker’s Welcome to Hell blog. I will link you when they’re up.

87) The Final – 8/10 (6.30) – A movie that straddled the line between taut horror and geek revenge fantasy overkill, and did it successfully (but barely.) An intense movie, very well done. As this is part of this year’s AfterDark Horrorfest, I will be reviewing this again in more detail for Glenn Walker’s Welcome to Hell blog. I will link you when they’re up.

17 movies this month; I’m on track to beat that (as of today, I’ve already watched 6 movies this month) for July, so next month, expect more movie reviewy goodness.


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