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LOST in thoughts | May 24, 2010

So, LOST has come to an end. Six years of a quirky, touching, frustrating, convoluted and charming show, all over now. I, for one, am glad, and I say that as a fan.

(Caveat – I’m a big fan of stories that END. British Telly has it right – shows run for a number of series, and then they end. Sometimes they come back, sometimes there are spin-offs, whatever. Very few shows have the staying power to go on and on without getting stale. Look at The Simpsons, for instance – I’m sorry, that show hasn’t been fresh for ten years.)

Anyhow, that’s a soapbox for another day. More after the ‘cut’, but be warned – spoilers ahoy.

Okay, so apparently a lot of people are upset that not every little detail got spelled out. As far as us not finding out exactly what the island is, or any of that… well, honestly, I figured we learned all that we were going to learn on the episode about Jacob and his brother. And I was right. There’s a glow, it’s obviously the lifeforce of the island (and I would posit more than that) and that’s the only explanation you’re gonna get, end of.

Moving on.

The episode was all about the characters, really. The closure was about the characters. And fuck me if I didn’t cry like a baby through most of the scenes. Every time someone in the sideways-flash-universe got their recollections… when Charlie touched Claire, when Sawyer and Juliette met at the candy machine, when Locke got his memories from Jack… (and damn Jack, even in the sideways flash you’re still the stupidest, most stubborn asshole…) But, yeah, I was crying. When Jin and Sun got their memories… the two of them were the ones I cared the most about, relationship wise, and that had me crying big time. (I cried just as much when they were reunited recently… and when they drowned in the sub.)

Okay, so basically… LOST was Jack’s story. His test. It opened with him laying in the bamboo, opening his eyes after the crash, and it ends with him laying in the bamboo, watching a plane fly away with survivors, closing his eyes for the last time.

Great. The story is about the biggest asshole in the whole group, really. The most self-centered, whiny jack-ass who has his head so far up his ass… grrrr.

But, okay, enough kvetching about Jack. So be it.

I had a feeling Hugo would be the real protector of the island. And Ben being his #2? Pure genius. I really loved the sideways universe for seeing all the people who had made shitty choices or lived shitty lives to have a chance to be decent to each other. Benjamin Linus made a wonderful school teacher. I really, really enjoyed seeing him be The Good Guy. The bit with him sitting outside the church at the end of the sideways flash? Very, very evocative, emotional and very Ben. (Plus, major props to Locke for forgiving him and to Hugo for making the last effort to get him to come in.)

Was this the way I wanted the show to end, as a fan? No. I thought maybe they were all going to go back to the island and meet up with their otherselves, and those that hadn’t died would ‘fuse’ with their duplicates and then they’d all stay there… or somethig. Okay, I didn’t really think that would happen, but that’s what I wanted, because I cared about these characters. Loved them, hated them, got frustrated with them, cried with them, laughed with them, but dammit, I loved these characters.

The ending we got, I can say, as a writer myself, was the best possible ending there could have been. It’s a definite ending. There’s no way they could be tempted to pull a sequel out of this. There’s no way any fans could truly argue that there’s another story to be told. (Though, dear God, I’m sure someone is writing some Huga/Ben slashfic right now. *shudder*)

No, this story is over. There’s no need to return to the island. We don’t need to see Ben and Hugo fighting off… whomever. We don’t need Smoky to return (that would be a disservice to this story).

LOST is over. It was a great ride, one that I wouldn’t change (much of).

Thank you, JJ, Damon, Carlton for letting us ride.


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